Bald Mountain Preserve

Location: Camden & Hope

Protected: 2001 - present (Campaign in progress)

Acreage: approximately 583 (as of 6/25/2013)

bald mountain photo

Description: The Bald Mountain Preserve provides a sense of wildness and isolation to those who hike up to the summit of Bald Mountain on the Bald Mountain Trail, originally built by Georges River Land Trust in 1997 as part of its Georges Highland Path system. The south-facing height of land is locally prized for superior views, while areas far from the trail offer remote habitat for wildlife and plants. The various tracts that currently make up the Preserve differ in their size, aspect, topography, vegetation communities, and land use history. The Preserve contains exemplary geologic features, several unusual vegetation community types, few nonnative invasive plants, and intact forested habitat for small mammals, birds, deer, coyote, and black bear.

Conservation History: Coastal Mountains Land Trust is currently in the midst of a campaign to protect the entirety of Bald Mountain. To date, 11 tracts have been protected including: Bald Cliffs Tracts 1 & 2, Bald Overlook Tract, Barnes-Pendleton Tract, Fernald Tract, Hobbs Brook Tract, Kelly Tract, Laite Tract, O'Rourke Tract, Pendleton Tract, Thomas Tract, and H. & D. Wright Tract.

Public Access Information:

Download Bald Mountain Preserve Guide and Trail Map This includes directions! (381kb)

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