Ducktrap River Preserve

Location: Lincolnville

Protected: 1996 - 2008

Acreage: approximately 1,135 acres

Description: The Ducktrap River Preserve, our largest preserve, encompasses approximately 1,135 acres of land with 29,406 feet of frontage along the Ducktrap River, including most of the river's critical spawning habitat for Atlantic salmon. The Preserve begins down river from Briggs Meadow and extends to the northwestern boundary of Tanglewood along Black Brook. Route 52 separates the Preserve into two approximately 500 acre blocks. The land west of Route 52 is referred to as the Upper Ducktrap River Preserve, while the land to the east is called the Lower Ducktrap River Preserve. With the exception of a 1-acre inholding owned by the State of Maine, the entire property is owned and managed by Coastal Mountains Land Trust and is covered by a 2nd layer conservation easement held by Maine Coast Heritage Trust. The primary purposes of the Ducktrap River Preserve include:

  1. Protection of a riparian buffer along the Ducktrap River and its primary tributaries to maintain water quality, corridors for a diverse array of species, and high quality habitat for the Atlantic salmon.
  2. Protection for species and exemplary natural communities that are listed as rare or of special concern in the State of Maine.
  3. Provide a large contiguous block of habitat to be utilized by local flora and fauna.
Ducktrap image

Conservation History: The Ducktrap River Watershed is a focus area of our Land Trust, and the our organization continues in its efforts to protect additional land along the riparian corridor of the River. To date, 14 tracts have been purchased and added to the larger Ducktrap River Preserve including the Cleaves/Gould Tract, Crawford Tract, J. Dunton Tract, M. Dunton Tract, Drinkwater/Stetson Mill Tract, Gould Tract, Hopson Tract, Kendall Brook Tract/Fish Farm, Pottle Tract, Richards Tract, Sanderson, Sebold Tract, Thomas Tract, and Wolfe Cunning Tract.

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