Hatchet Mountain Preserve

Location: Hope

Protected: 2007

Acreage: 27 acres

Description: The Hatchet Mountain Preserve is a 27-acre property that sits above the village center of the town of Hope. Criss-crossed by an old road, the property is a steep, south-facing parcel covered by stands of red oak that frame one of the best panoramic views of the regions coastal mountains.

Conservation History: The protection of Hatchet Mountain was the result of a committed group of Hope residents who came together in 2005 to work with Coastal Mountains Land Trust to raise the funds to protect this piece of land which sits near the center of Hope. Over two years, a community-based campaign raised the funds necessary to purchase the property and establish an endowment to ensure the permanent protection of the property.

Public Access Information:

Download Hatchet Mountain Preserve Guide and Trail Map (446kb)