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Conserving land by acquiring real estate or by drafting a new Conservation Easement is only the beginning of Coastal Mountains Land Trust's work. Beyond the initial acquisition of conservation land, our Land Trust is committed to ensuring the permanent protection of all lands entrusted in our care. To this end, we have a strong stewardship program designed to protect the conservation values of our lands for the benefit of future generations. Our stewardship program is a year-round program implemented by staff and volunteers to monitor, maintain and manage our system of conservation lands as well as to enforce the protections described in the conservation easements we hold.

Community-Based Stewardship

The backbone of our stewardship program is the Volunteer Land Steward program which deploys a well-trained corps of volunteers to support and accomplish the goals of our stewardship program. Guided by our professional staff, this program engages approximately 125 individuals each year in a range of stewardship roles and responsibilities including property monitoring, trail maintenance, and habitat restoration.

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Preserve Management

Stewardship of our Preserve system begins with the development of a thorough ecological inventory which serves to inform the drafting of a management plan for each preserve. Outlined within each management plan is a detailed program for monitoring the property, maintaining its boundaries, developing and maintaining a trail system or other visitor enhancements, and ensuring that the ecological values of the property are protected.

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Conservation Easement Stewardship

Conservation Easement stewardship is achieved through careful planning, accurate baseline documentation of each easement property, annual monitoring, consistent documentation, and maintaining communication with the landowners whose property is protected with a conservation easement.

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