Mt. Tuck Campaign

Since securing a 99-acre summit parcel of Mt. Tuck in June of 2019, Coastal Mountains Land Trust has continued to actively work in Prospect and Stockton Springs to explore additional conservation opportunities on and around this mountain to connect together the more than 1,150 acres currently conserved in this area.
Mt. Tuck - Trail Planning Map - 7_29_2020.jpg
The Vision

Coastal Mountains Land Trust, a nonprofit land conservation organization, is working to acquire and create the Mt. Tuck Preserve, in Stockton Springs.


Conservation will protect this unique place threatened by development, while consolidating a vital area of open space, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty at the head of Penobscot Bay.


We need to raise $200,000 through grants and    private donations by the end of 2021 to purchase this property and create a four-mile trail loop.


Your assistance as we protect and make this  special place available for public recreation, is critical and we welcome your generous support.

Quick Facts
  • Conservation of Mt. Tuck’s 565’ summit, the       second highest point in Stockton Springs.

  • 100+ acres of open space.

  • Adjacent to 495-acre HRS Meadow Farm Wildlife Sanctuary and the 563-acre Sandy Point Game Management Area.

  • In the middle of 2,800 acres of undeveloped open space, providing terrific wildlife habitat.

  • A four-mile trail will be built to the summit of Mt. Tuck, in 2021.

  • Hunting will continue by permission.

  • Views of Muskrat Pond, the Penobscot River, and the islands of Penobscot Bay.