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Photography Walk at Fernalds Neck

September 18th was a gorgeous fall day when five camera enthusiasts gathered early to explore Fernald's Neck with photographer Jeannie Hutchins. There was a range of knowledge, equipment and passion among the group; some came with multiple cameras, some with point and shoots, one with an iphone - which, by the way, took gorgeous pictures. All of us were grateful for and interested in Jeannie's tips and valuable advice. The early lighting in the field was lovely as the milkweed was exploding with seed and a single Monarch butterfly was still in residence. We spent a couple of hours wending our way through the field and down to the water with a variety of subjects to 'focus' on. We all found it a delightful way to spend a couple of hours on a pretty morning in Maine; hopefully next time a few more folks will choose to join us.

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