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Stories of the Polar Plunge

This past Saturday, over 30 brave and crazy souls entered Camden Harbor as part of our second annual Polar Plunge. These Plungers and our sponsors, Evergreen Home Performance and Revision Energy, raised over $5,000 to support stewardship of our lands.

Some were repeat jumpers from last year, many were new faces. Thanks to an online fundraising platform, plungers were able to rally public financial support for the Land Trust from friends and family, which quickly solidified each participant's commitment to plunge.

One plunger, Michael, came up for the weekend from Massachusetts with his girlfriend, looking for something interesting to do in the winter. Michael was one of our top three fundraisers and enjoyed himself so much, he plunged twice! While slowly and leisurely exiting the water, a woman from Germany assured onlookers that the water wasn't too cold, nothing in comparison to her plunges in Germany.

Plungers, Hale Morrell and Lucy Atkins drew inspiration for braving the frigid temperatures from intrepid Polar Explorers during the Heroic Age of Exploration. Before plunging into the icy depths they posed with a favorite book, “The Worst Journey in the World” which recounts Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s 1910-1913 expedition to the South Pole.

The youngest jumper was 8 years old, the oldest was far older! Some plungers deemed their participation official only after a full body dunking. After dunking, some plungers embraced, feeling a numb connection to each other after putting their bodies through such shocking hardship. In full solidarity with our wonderful and generous supporters, three Land Trust staffers also plunged.....full body immersion!! A few hundred people came out to witness this momentous occasion, which gave some plungers the will they needed to not chicken out.

The stories these plungers bring are varied, but for one chilly afternoon, they all came together to jump into the 40 degree ocean in support of conservation. See you next year!

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