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Camden - For five generations, the Annis family in Rockport has owned and managed fields and forested land above the Simonton Quarries on Ragged Mountain. In recent years, Herb Annis has partnered with the local mountain biking club to open a portion of his land as part of their expanding network of trails. Last winter, based in part upon the positive nature of this experience, Annis contacted Coastal Mountains Land Trust to explore options to ensure the long-term conservation of the property. Then, in March, Herb and Grace Annis generously completed the donation of 22 forested acres to the Land Trust as an exciting addition to the Ragged Mountain Preserve.

Ragged Mountain Preserve is a growing conservation area in the towns of Camden, Hope, and Rockport that is being created to protect water quality, secure important wildlife habitats, maintain scenic views, and provide four-season public access for the community. The Annis Tract will be maintained in a natural condition open to year-round public use, including the many existing mountain biking trails currently on the property.

The addition of this scenic forest land to the Ragged Mountain Preserve is part of a larger project to protect all of Ragged and Bald Mountains, in a campaign that began in 2003. The fourth and fifth highest peaks on the Eastern seaboard, this ambitious initiative has a goal to protect the ecological, scenic and recreation resources of Ragged and Bald Mountains to ensure that they will remain as they are for future generations. Currently, Coastal Mountains Land Trust has protected 58% of this conservation focus area, and is excited to complete several additional projects as part of its Round the Mountain Collaboration, which will help the organization reach 90% of its goal of nearly 3,500 acres conserved. For more information about the project, visit


Coastal Mountains Land Trust has worked since 1986 to permanently conserve land to benefit the natural and human communities of the western Penobscot Bay. The Land Trust has protected over 10,000 acres, offering 45 miles of trails for public recreation.

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