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2019 Conservation and Volunteer Recognition

Every year, Coastal Mountains Land Trust recognizes volunteers, community groups, and land donors for their commitment and involvement.

This year, the Maine Water Company received the Chatfield Land Protection Award, named in honor of Charles and Mary P. Chatfield, for their partnership in the Round the Mountain Collaboration. By establishing two conservation easements around Grassy Pond and Mirror Lake, they have ensured the protection of over 1,400 acres and allowed for the creation of the Round the Mountain Trail.

The Connecting Community & Nature Award, established by the Board last year, was presented to Roger Rittmaster for his direction of and commitment to the monthly Coastal Mountains Nature Program over the last five years.

Two women received Zwartjes Volunteer Awards, presented in honor of our first Board Chairman, William J. Zwartjes, for individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the Land Trust. Janet Williams of Searsport has participated in different stewardship projects for over eight years while Brianna Quinn, a 2019 graduate of Camden Hills Regional High School, was a weekly volunteer for over three years and when asked why she chose the Land Trust for her volunteer efforts, Brianna said, “I like that they help preserve Maine’s natural habitats and protect wildlife from development. I loved being able to hike the trails in my community as I grew up, and I want future generations to be able to have those same opportunities.”

Our work would not be possible nor as successful without the genuine commitment, time, talents, and involvement of these and so many other volunteers.

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