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KUHL - Staff Reviews

Over the summer, our friends at KÜHL approached us about their clothing line. With the goal of meeting the needs of customers for working and recreating outside in all-weather conditions, they proposed a cool opportunity for our team: they would send each staff member two clothing items of their choice for free, if we would try it out, use it hard, and share our feedback. We were psyched! Some staff picked summer items and some picked winter items. Stay tuned as we roll out our feedback.

Kuhl Clothing Review from Leah

Vantage Pants (color: Black; size: Small)

The best thing about my Vantage pants is that I can wear them in the office, yet can also run outside during the day to lead a hike and still look professional. I spend a lot of my day in the woods, working with children and educators, and the pants get a workout but hold up strong. They are breathable, comfortable, and functional in multiple settings, including getting onto the trail for a run! I highly recommend these pants, for any situation.

SPEKTER FZ Hoody (color: Black; size: Small)

I have to force myself to pick something to wear, other than my Spekter FZ Hoody. It's so cozy, warm, and breathable for outdoor adventures. It's my go-to for hiking, running, bushwacking, and even heading into the office. This hoody is versatile, durable, and most importantly, the pockets have zippers, preventing the loss of items while on the trail. The Spector FZ Hoody is well fitting, it's such a rarity to find a hoody that isn't baggy.

KÜHL is a privately owned, outdoor clothing company. They produce high-quality products that can be found here:

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