Heidi Karod

Photo by Lydia Harris

How did you become involved with the Land Trust? 

My husband and I bought a property near Beech Hill Preserve around 20 years ago. At that time the windows of Beech Nut were covered with huge, rusty metal panels, much of the sod roof was missing, and it said “keep out”. The rock wall and entrance gate were falling apart, and the trail was rutted and muddy. Every time we walked up, we wished there were some way to preserve and restore it. Through the tremendous work of Coastal Mountains Land Trust, this preserve is now a gem of Midcoast Maine.

How long have you been a volunteer?

Since the preserve opened, I have enjoyed volunteering in various roles and being a trained docent for the preserve. Over the years my husband John and I have sold blueberries, assisted school field trips, cut brush, helped fly kites and watch stars, and mown fields. I played a concert of solo Bach violin inside Beech Nut on a day so foggy you couldn’t see past the porch.

What is your favorite volunteer activity?

My very favorite thing to do is offer an impromptu Open House to delighted visitors who’ve never been inside Beech Nut. The collected oral and written histories, artifacts, lists of bird species observed, and the curious interior of the hut are a treasure.

Anything else you would like to add?

I hike the trails of Beech Hill nearly every day. It both soothes and lifts my soul when needed in every kind of weather, and I am so grateful that the open vista is preserved for all to enjoy. See you on the trails!