Linda and Jim Babb

Why did you choose to conserve your land? What motivated you?

After a huge windstorm, it was hard to use the land for walking as we always had. The maintenance was just too much. Then there was Covid. We knew it was more important than ever to have beautiful, public, outdoor places.

How did you conserve your land?

At one time there were logging plans, but happily it didn’t happen. We also put a stop to ATV traffic.

What makes your land so special to you?

Both of us grew up wandering in the woods. It was a perfect place to take our young son, who did his own wandering as he got older. He is very supportive of our decision.

How did you acquire your land?

We found an affordable house in Searsport that also came with a trout stream! Perfect!

Why is protecting your land so important to you?

It feels like Searsport is being overdeveloped. Our land is close to the schools and will give children more opportunities to learn outside. I’ve partnered with a high school class called Outsider English. They helped with building bog bridges and identifying spring wildflowers. It’s a great start and there are already plans for summer school activities.

Are you happy to own land that is protected forever?

Absolutely. We are hoping abutters will also join in.

Anything you would like to add?

The deer, turkeys, otters, and fishers are happy too.