Waldo County Conservation Initiative

Mt. Tuck Focus Area Stockton Springs & Prospect

A Fund for Waldo Conservation

A Waldo County with abundant and exemplary open space that preserves the essence of this place.

Many of our most cherished open spaces and natural areas are under threat. Less than 10% of the 12 towns we serve in Waldo County have been conserved – much lower than the statewide average of 20%. Today, we have a window of opportunity to conserve a significant amount of the most vital opens spaces in Waldo County.

To establish a fund to conserve and steward land for wildlife, recreation, outdoor learning, and climate. With these funds, we will conserve properties of two types:

  • Land within large ecologically significant areas (Focus Areas) that preserve the most diverse ecosystems in our region at a landscape-scale
  • Special properties valued by our community, that provide for trails, access to lakes, rivers and the ocean, and spaces for outdoor learning.

For the second year of the Waldo County Conservation Initiative, the Land Trust is seeking to raise an additional $250,000, by April 2024, to match land donations and foundation grants for important land and stewardship projects across Waldo County. Funds raised will support a number of yet to be announced new projects that our staff is currently working on. Projects will be focused on acquiring land within our conservation Focus Areas, support our strategic objectives to protect within walking distance of schools, to secure local trail systems, and to provide public access to water. As projects are able to be publicly announced, we will place specific information and needs on this page.

We welcome your support.