Preserve Town Acres Miles of Trails Activities
Beech Hill Rockport 295 2.2 Hiking Birding
Beauchamp Point Rockport 2 Birding fishing
Sides Rockport 9 0.4 Hiking Birding fishing
Harkness Rockport 23 0.8 Hiking Birding No Hunting
Simonton Quarry Rockport 26 Birding
Ragged Mountain Camden 815 22 Hiking Birding Skiing biking
Bald Mountain Camden 583 1.3 Hiking Birding
Hodson Camden 35 1.6 Hiking No Hunting No Dogs
McPheters Camden 10 fishing No Hunting
Hatchet Mountain Hope 27 0.06 Hiking Birding
Fernald’s Neck Lincolnville 285 3.8 Hiking Skiing fishing No Hunting Hiking
Murray Lincolnville 10 Hiking Birding
Ducktrap River Lincolnville 1140 3.4 Hiking Birding fishing Skiing
St. Clair Northport 309 0.15 Hiking Birding fishing Skiing
Newman Northport 230 1.1 Hiking
Mount Percival Northport 73 0.3 Hiking
McLellan-Poor Northport 66 2.1 Hiking
Stephenson Belfast 8 0.3 Hiking
Stover Belfast 53 0.9 Hiking Birding
Head of Tide Belfast 92 1.7 Hiking Birding fishing Skiing
Littlefield Belfast 25 fishing
Meadow Brook Swanville 182 1.6 Hiking Skiing
Long Cove Headwaters Searsport 456 2.5 Hiking Skiing
Main Stream Stockton Springs 250 2.2 Hiking
Penobscot Shore Prospect 47 0.5 Hiking Birding



  • All Preserves are open for low-impact, public recreation during daylight hours.
  • Motorized vehicles, bikes, and horses are not allowed on most Preserves* unless marked (many trails on Ragged Mountain are open for bike use).
  • Camping and fires are not allowed.
  • Removal of vegetation is not allowed.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.**
  • Drones are not allowed on Land Trust preserves except by permitted use.
  • Groups larger than 12 must obtain Land Trust permission prior to use of our properties.***

* The Land Trust does maintain site specific trail agreements with various clubs to allow for limited snowmobile and mountain biking. Please contact us for more information.

** Dogs are not permitted at the Fernald’s Neck or Hodson Preserves. Dogs can be off leash under strict voice control at certain Preserves where explicitly posted at kiosks. If not posted, dogs must be on leash.

*** Certain Preserves have specific restrictions and exceptions; please consult signs at the preserve entrance for details or contact the Land Trust with any questions.


  • Hunting permitted at all Preserves, except on Fernald’s Neck, Hodson, Harkness, McPheters, and Young’s Neck Preserves.
    Predator hunting and trapping is prohibited.
  • Temporary deer stands are allowed with Land Trust permission. Stands must be labeled with a 2×4″ tag identifying the name and contact info of the stand owner, and stands must removed from our property at the end of hunting season.



Fernalds Neck Preserve is closed for the next two weeks due to mud season.

Construction, reconstruction, access road, and trail conditions sometimes necessitate temporary trail and Preserve closures. We close off trails to protect them from damage, to protect users, and to protect our contractors and volunteers who are working on trails. These occur mostly in late March – April (mud season) when heavy snow melt and rain lead to soft and muddy conditions. Without these closures, trails can become rutted, eroded, and unpleasant. In some cases they can become inaccessible. During closures we are working as hard as we can to get them back open. Please be patient.

​During mud season please limit vehicle access to these Coastal Mountains Land Trust’s properties located on unpaved roads: Fernalds Neck, Lincolnville; St. Clair Preserve, Knights Pond Road, Northport; Main Stream Preserve, Stockton Springs.

​Thank you for staying off closed trails!