Beech Hill Habitat Preservation Project

The Beech Hill Habitat Project is a fund to support the long-term management of wildlife habitat, blueberry fields and scenic views at the Beech Hill Preserve.

This project will maintain the diverse wildlife habitats and open scenic character of the Beech Hill Preserve through the ongoing management of early successional fields, blueberry barrens, shrub-scrub, and young forest habitats.

Beech Hill Preserve has nearly 50 acres of early successional habitat located throughout the preserve (these fields generally surround the blueberry production fields). These habitats act as a crucial environment for the preserve’s many bird, pollinator, and small mammal species. The management of such habitats is also beneficial to the visitor experience by maintaining the fields as low, early successional fields, allowing for unimpeded views from Beech Hill, which boasts fantastic vistas of Penobscot Bay to the east as well as the Camden Hills to the west.

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