Photo by Tony Oppersdorff

Guidelines for Hunting on Our Land

Coastal Mountains Land Trust owns and manages 38 Preserves, totaling 6665 acres of open space. 28 of these have managed access (trails or water access) and are listed on our website at Preserve Webpages. 10 do not have managed access or trails, but off trail access is still permitted on them. It is the users responsibility to navigate to, and stay on these Preserves, which have marked boundaries but not trailheads. Hunting is not permitted on six preserves, Fernalds Neck, Harkness, Hodson, McPheters, Beauchamp Point, and Youngs Neck, due to original land donor intent. Hunting on the other 32 Preserves, over 6200 acres of land, is permitted subject to the following guidelines:

  • Hunters must follow all relevant laws and rules as set by Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife 
  • Predator hunting is prohibited on all Preserves, this includes hunting Bear, Fox, Bobcat, and Coyote.
  • Trapping is prohibited on all Preserves except Beech Hill and Head of Tide. Trappers need written permission to use these two preserves.
  • ATVs or other motorized vehicles (except snowmobile trails on club trails) are not permitted on Preserves, for hunting or other purposes.
  • Hunting with dogs is permitted if dogs are strictly under voice control and in uncrowded areas.
  • Permanent tree stands and game cameras are prohibited. Temporary stands and cameras are permitted with prior written permission from Land Trust staff. Call our office or email our stewardship staff to find out more.
  • Hunters do not need prior written permission to use our Preserves. However, we are always happy to answer questions and have conversations with hunters prior to use.
  • Hunters must take care not to trespass on neighboring properties when hunting on a Preserve. All Land Trust boundaries are marked with red blazing. Please respect postings of abutting landowners.
  • The Land Trust holds conservation easements on dozens of properties that are privately owned (some may have boundary markers with Coastal Mountains Land Trust’s logo but are clearly marked as “Conservation Easement”). These markers DO NOT guarantee public access to the property. Hunting may or may not be permitted on these properties, with or without permission, solely at the discretion of the landowner. Interested hunters should contact landowners directly, by phone or mail. The Land Trust usually will not give out landowner contact details for its easements.